So we left Falls CG for Tetons.

The destination was to be Grassy Lake Rd by Flagg Ranch. That did not work out. Several of the CG areas were closed due to high water. It looked fine, but WTH…
We passed a couple of rangers on the bumpy dirt road who told us 6-8 miles to decent sites. No go.
We turned around and went to Sheffield where we had to ford the creek. It was fine. Very few people here. Lots of skeeters!


We set up and headed to West Yellowstone to shop for a spinning rod and explore along the way.
We saw a wolf


Some big cows


Amazing Madison River which we fished in. At some point she noticed we walked right past a sign that said Fly Fishing Only. WTF! We left.
Later I learned that I needed a specific license to fish in Yellowstone and that Madison was off limits too! Haha


Some hot water



A cool bus


We just missed the big blow at Old Faithful



The road into the campground

IMG_0758 3.JPG


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