Shoshone NF

Sunday, Jun 25, 2017, 8:28 AM MDT Shoshone National Forest

From Medicine Bow, we stopped in Rawlins to get supplies and do some laundry.
I filled the water tank to find (when finished and flushing the hose) that I had just filled it with the ugliest BROWN water I have ever seen! Yuk! I pulled the drain right there and dumped it all. I found decent water farther up the road.

We were then headed to Pinnacles CG, north of Dubois, WY.

Found it closed also.
One again, a bit lower elevation (8400feet) we found Falls CG.
Got a great site there and met some really nice people. It was very quiet except for the rushing waterfall nearby (1/4 mile?).



More on the bike found this





Along the way, we passed many people fishing some of those beautiful waters, so we had to join the fun.



That is Mackenzie, and yes she caught three nice rainbows.


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