Medicine Bow National Forest

This was our first planned stop and stay a bit. We had to do a short layover in a part near Cheyenne so that I could pick up a package Monday. We arrived there on Sunday. The site we found was down Headquarters road and it was beautiful. VERY remote with not another human in sight. Just the way we like it.


This was the first place where we unloaded the bike to explore. It worked great!


If you look close, you can see the rig just to the left of that second dirt road. Thats how far we can travel in just a few minutes on the bike. 🙂


From there we moved on to the main section of Medicine Bow. The target was Sugarloaf CG. There are lots of roads to ride, lakes to paddle and fish and trails to hike. When we arrived, we found the entrance to the CG like this:


Well that would not work. The place was beautiful though.


Down to a lower elevation we found a suitable place to camp. Not gorgeous, but a place to explore from. South Brush Creek was the name I think. From there we found some beautiful sights.
Phantom Lake




A moose


And one of the most spectacular mountain vistas I have ever seen. We took a rugged jeep road that was littered with downed trees and maybe 10 miles long to the top of Kennaday Peak. Elevation 11,000 feet. It is a bald, so there are no trees in the way.



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