Crazy Kansas weather!


Last night was rather scary.

Around midnight we were set up in a Wamart parking lot and the lightning and thunder were serious.  I checked the radar to find a storm bearing down on us with 70mph winds and 1.5 inch hail.

We ran!  South   Fast as possible!

Around 1:30AM it looked like we were surrounded by these big ugly black clouds. I got a good look at this ominous shit every time the lightning flashed.  So I ducked into a bank drive thru.  I actually got some sleep until another cell hit us about 5 AM.  There was hail in that one, but we were under shelter.


About 6:30 we rolled on toward Colorado.

Got there and found a spot for the night that is WAY better than a Wamart lot.

The wind is howling though.  The forecast shows that is should calm down around 9PM and the temp should get much cooler too. 🙂


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