Mammoth Cave National Park

This one is now checked off the list.

We were not impressed. Now, to be fair, we have been to other caves.  One in particular that was spectacular.  Carlsbad Caverns.

This cave is a dirt tunnel with some rocks.  We saw 4 miles of it.  Maybe we took the wrong tour.  I was told another tour had neat architectural features and historical artifacts.  Oh well.

The one neat feature we did see was Frozen Niagara. Pictures of a cave really don’t work well…


Then we moved on to the National Corvette Museum.  That was fun and they have a lot of really nice Vettes!


They also have examples of what happens when some nice cars get tossed into a giant sink hole.   Very sad…


Then there is always the asshole trying to steal one and drive it through the big doors!


Now is the long drive to Wyoming.  I have yet to find anything interesting enough to stop at along the way.

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