So we left Falls CG for Tetons.

The destination was to be Grassy Lake Rd by Flagg Ranch. That did not work out. Several of the CG areas were closed due to high water. It looked fine, but WTH…
We passed a couple of rangers on the bumpy dirt road who told us 6-8 miles to decent sites. No go.
We turned around and went to Sheffield where we had to ford the creek. It was fine. Very few people here. Lots of skeeters!


We set up and headed to West Yellowstone to shop for a spinning rod and explore along the way.
We saw a wolf


Some big cows


Amazing Madison River which we fished in. At some point she noticed we walked right past a sign that said Fly Fishing Only. WTF! We left.
Later I learned that I needed a specific license to fish in Yellowstone and that Madison was off limits too! Haha


Some hot water



A cool bus


We just missed the big blow at Old Faithful



The road into the campground

IMG_0758 3.JPG


Shoshone NF

Sunday, Jun 25, 2017, 8:28 AM MDT Shoshone National Forest

From Medicine Bow, we stopped in Rawlins to get supplies and do some laundry.
I filled the water tank to find (when finished and flushing the hose) that I had just filled it with the ugliest BROWN water I have ever seen! Yuk! I pulled the drain right there and dumped it all. I found decent water farther up the road.

We were then headed to Pinnacles CG, north of Dubois, WY.

Found it closed also.
One again, a bit lower elevation (8400feet) we found Falls CG.
Got a great site there and met some really nice people. It was very quiet except for the rushing waterfall nearby (1/4 mile?).



More on the bike found this





Along the way, we passed many people fishing some of those beautiful waters, so we had to join the fun.



That is Mackenzie, and yes she caught three nice rainbows.


Medicine Bow National Forest

This was our first planned stop and stay a bit. We had to do a short layover in a part near Cheyenne so that I could pick up a package Monday. We arrived there on Sunday. The site we found was down Headquarters road and it was beautiful. VERY remote with not another human in sight. Just the way we like it.


This was the first place where we unloaded the bike to explore. It worked great!


If you look close, you can see the rig just to the left of that second dirt road. Thats how far we can travel in just a few minutes on the bike. ūüôā


From there we moved on to the main section of Medicine Bow. The target was Sugarloaf CG. There are lots of roads to ride, lakes to paddle and fish and trails to hike. When we arrived, we found the entrance to the CG like this:


Well that would not work. The place was beautiful though.


Down to a lower elevation we found a suitable place to camp. Not gorgeous, but a place to explore from. South Brush Creek was the name I think. From there we found some beautiful sights.
Phantom Lake




A moose


And one of the most spectacular mountain vistas I have ever seen. We took a rugged jeep road that was littered with downed trees and maybe 10 miles long to the top of Kennaday Peak. Elevation 11,000 feet. It is a bald, so there are no trees in the way.



Crazy Kansas weather!


Last night was rather scary.

Around midnight we were set up in a Wamart parking lot and the lightning and thunder were serious.  I checked the radar to find a storm bearing down on us with 70mph winds and 1.5 inch hail.

We ran!  South   Fast as possible!

Around 1:30AM it looked like we were surrounded by these big ugly black clouds. I got a good look at this ominous shit every time the lightning flashed.  So I ducked into a bank drive thru.  I actually got some sleep until another cell hit us about 5 AM.  There was hail in that one, but we were under shelter.


About 6:30 we rolled on toward Colorado.

Got there and found a spot for the night that is WAY better than a Wamart lot.

The wind is howling though. ¬†The forecast shows that is should calm down around 9PM and the temp should get much cooler too. ūüôā


Mammoth Cave National Park

This one is now checked off the list.

We were not impressed. Now, to be fair, we have been to other caves.  One in particular that was spectacular.  Carlsbad Caverns.

This cave is a dirt tunnel with some rocks.  We saw 4 miles of it.  Maybe we took the wrong tour.  I was told another tour had neat architectural features and historical artifacts.  Oh well.

The one neat feature we did see was Frozen Niagara. Pictures of a cave really don’t work well…


Then we moved on to the National Corvette Museum.  That was fun and they have a lot of really nice Vettes!


They also have examples of what happens when some nice cars get tossed into a giant sink hole. ¬† Very sad…


Then there is always the asshole trying to steal one and drive it through the big doors!


Now is the long drive to Wyoming.  I have yet to find anything interesting enough to stop at along the way.

Memorial Day weekend in NC

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With a long weekend at stake, we had to get out and go SOMEWHERE!  So did everyone else!  We wanted to take the yaks and the mountain bikes and play some.  There are two bike areas in NC that we had heard a lot about.  Jackrabbit Mountain and Tsali.  Jackrabbit is closer and the campground takes reservations.  It was all booked up!  Tsali is first come first serve.  So I leave Thursday and arrive about 3PM to get a site at Tsali.  Timing was good!  I got a great site.  By 6PM all the sites were taken.

We had the usual BS in a crowded CG.  Loud kids, generators, etc.  Sometimes these can be entertaining.  Like the cute little shaggy blonde boy (maybe 4yo) that was constantly screaming around the CG on his little bike with trailing wheels.  He would find the mud puddles and totally thrash it!  He was a mess!

We had some rough weather Sat night.  The wind was WILD!  I really felt sorry for all the folks in tents that night.  It poured rain too.

We really dodged the weather issues pretty well.  We rode the trails Sat and covered about 8-9 miles.  It was humid and a bit soggy in places, but fun.  We took that yaks out a bit and grilled out Sat night before storms rolled in.  Sunday we took the yaks out again and caught a few fish.  Weather was coming back in though, so we packed up.

We were going to head home by way of Jackrabbit just to get a look at it. ¬†When we arrived around 6PM, there were LOTS of open sites. ¬†Apparently the weather kept many people from using their reservations. ¬†We snagged a great site on the waters edge that a neighbor said was empty all weekend. ¬†We were the Murphys for the night… ūüėČ

The mountain bike trails at Jackrabbit are awesome!  They are well maintained and very fun.  Not a whole lot of climbing involved, but there is some there.  We covered about 10 miles and the sky was still blue.  A good ride!

After a hot shower and lunch, we packed up and made it home by 5PM.

Overall we had a really good weekend in NC.  Many people did not have the luck we did dodging the weather that weekend.  I was very pleased with the NC parks too.  They were both well maintained, the restrooms were in good shape and the showers were hot.  We have no complaints and will not hesitate to return.


Tsali CG


Tsali trail


Tsali trail


Tsali trail


Lake Fontana at Tsali


Lake Chatuge at Jackrabbit


site at Jackrabbit


Jackrabbit trail